Results-Driven, Client-Focused, Impactful Resources

These are just three of the characteristics investors seek in an investment consultant. Summit Strategies Group ("Summit") strives to deliver on all three, and so much more.

For nearly two decades, employee-owned Summit has provided independent investment consulting and research services to a nationwide group of institutional investors. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Summit’s sole purpose is to help its clients reach their investment goals. Our firm is structured to maximize every such opportunity. Our focus on these 3 characteristics are among the critical reasons why:


  • It has been proven that outperforming the market is nearly impossible for the average investor.
  • Summit provides customized solutions to address a desired outcomes. Each client is unique, their solution should fit their unique needs.
  • Summit respects the movement of the herd, but doesn't always follow it. Our experience and instincts are important during critical decision-making.
  • Summit’s Manager Research team is skilled at finding unique managers and opportunities. Bigger isn’t always better.
  • Being nimble is good, provided you are moving for the right reasons. Summit takes a tactical approach to investing and only recommends a move when we believe it makes the most sense for the client.


Summit is structured to allow our clients access to our best thinking all of the time.

  • 70% of clients have been with Summit for 5 years or longer.
  • Our client-to-consultant ratio typically does not exceed 10:1. You can be assured your consultant is focused on your results.
  • As a client, we know you want access, we make the entire firm available to you, not just your consultant.
  • Custom goals require custom metrics and reporting. Summit's Performance Measurement team provides the information clients need, in a easily understandable format, to make informed decisions.
  • Summit is not “Consultant to the world.” We purposely limit the number of clients served to provide focused attention. We value each client equally and understand there are many choices.

Impactful Resources

Summit reacts quickly to changes and improvements to available technology, and has invested heavily in both client-facing, and internal resources, in order to deliver impactful client results.


  • Clients have access to Summit's entire staff. There is no consultant “funnel.” Talk to who you need to talk to, when you need to talk to them.
  • Daily performance updates are available via Summit’s website. You know where your portfolio stands, every day.
  • Manager research is available online, in both traditional and alternative asset classes. Clients have direct access to our current thoughts on managers at all times.
  • Market research is published throughout the year. Get Summit’s current perspective on the ever-changing markets to help keep you informed.
  • Our interactive, quarterly e-reports, available on your iPad, are understandable and improve meeting efficiency.


  • Summit staff has access to the latest software and feeds, including PARis for reporting, Cognity for risk modeling, ProVal for asset modeling, and other proprietary programs to assist us in addressing specific client needs and objectives.
  • The best software is only as good as the people who are interpreting it. Summit's staff reviews the data and provides the critical analysis needed to make value-added recommendations.